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2017-08-24 SARL Language 0.5.8

Arakhnê.org provides the Debian packages for Release 0.5.8 of the SARL agent programming language.
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2017-08-08 TeX-UPmethodology 2017-08-08

Fixing spelling errors and typos.
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2017-07-21 Maven 3.5.0

New upstream 3.5.0 for Maven is available.
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2017-03-10 TeX-UPmethodology 2017-03-10

Fixing invalid subfigure alignment.
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2017-02-17 TeX-UPmethodology 2017-02-17

The package subfigure is replaced by the package subcaption.
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2016-11-24 Zesty Zapus

Arakhnê.org provides a package repository for Ubuntu Zesty Zapus.
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2016-11-24 Wely repo removed

Arakhnê.org does not provide any more a package repository for Ubuntu Wily Werewolf.
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2016-07-21 Removal of BOUML

BOUML patches are no more hosted on Arakhnê.org. The patched version on Arakhnê.org is tool old.

2016-06-12 Arakhnê.org Foundation Classes 13.0

The version 13.0 of the AFC is released on Maven Central.
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2016-05-10 New public key for the Ubuntu repository

The Ubuntu repository has a new public key that must be registered in your APT system.
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2016-05-10 Ubuntu 16.04

Arakhnê.org is now providing a package repository for the Ubuntu distribution 16.04 (xenial xerus). The distribution Vivid Vervet is now unsupported.
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2016-02-23 Maven 3.3.9

Ubuntu packages for Maven 3.3.9 are available
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2016-02-22 AutoLaTeX 39.1

Add command line options for controlling the AutoLaTeX running process.
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2016-02-20 AutoLaTeX 39.0

Add 'makeglossaries' is the list of invoked tools.
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2016-02-17 AutoLaTeX 38.3

AutoLaTeX calls lualatex rather than luatex.
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2016-01-17 AutoLaTeX 38.2

Major bug fixes for AutoLaTeX.
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